You Drive Me Wild | Sublimation Transfer

You Drive Me Wild | Sublimation Transfer

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Design: Mama Needs her Coffee

Size: Design Approximately 8.25" wide - Transfer sheet is 8.5" x 11"

Type: Sublimation Transfer

Please note, the transparency of the image will depend on the percentage of polyester in your garment. The higher the polyester count, the more vivid the image. For a vintage look, use a lower polyester count.

Color may differ depending on-screen display.


Best results with a heat press, you need the consistent heat and pressure that a heat press provides.

Temperature: 400Degrees Fahrenheit

Pre-press shirt for 5-10 seconds (optional)

Place parchment paper or copier paper inside the shirt

Press Time: 60 seconds - Cover with copier paper or parchment paper.

Pressure: Medium