DIY Custom Doormat

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Hello Friends!

This is a long overdue tutorial and a free file! I’ve been busy working away on a new project, and I’ve been increasing my products available on Etsy. I’ve also been trying to have a craft party at least monthly, and I’m here to share with you our newest project!

DIY Customized Doormat
Have you seen these cute doormats? Super simple sayings to absolutely hilarious. Today, I’m going to show you how to make them!

DIY Customized Doormat


Let’s Make It!

Cut out your stencil, weed and apply transfer tape. Remove your stencil from the backing and apply to the rug. Rub your hands over it to try to get it to stick the best you can.


Now, here’s the fun part (truthfully, the part I thought would be an epic fail). Start to peel the transfer tape from the stencil. I find it’s easiest to pull the tape all the way back so it’s laying on itself. Slowly peel the tape from the vinyl. Once you have one side done, apply a strip of the wide masking tape to hold that end in place.

How to paint a doormat

Keep slowly peeling the transfer tape from the stencil. Any small pieces try to guide as you peel off to help them stick.

How to paint a doormat

Voila! It’s off! This was the most shocking part, I for sure thought it wouldn’t ever stick. Go over the vinyl one more time with your hands to make sure it’s stuck on well.
Now it’s time to paint! It’s best to use a brush with bristles. This will allow the paint to be applied to the bristley part of the doormat. I know what you’re thinking, “ok this thing stuck, but isn’t it going to bleed?”. Just wait!

How to paint a doormat

Once you’ve painted your entire design, you can remove the stencil (you can do it while it is wet, or wait until it dries, either way is fine!).

How to paint a doormat

Look at that! Nice crisp lines

How to paint a doormat

I would wait to take out the middle of the letters, just to avoid getting paint where you don’t want it

How to paint a doormat

There you have it! Your very own personalized doormat.

Did you miss the spot above for the hello sunshine freebie file? Grab it here! Have all the supplies, but need a stencil? Shoot me an email at, and I’ll give you a quote for a vinyl stencil!

Happy Crafting!

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